Why Choose Us

We support customized services, pay attention to the details of each trailer, and ensure the quality of every trailer. We listen to your needs and provide unparalleled customer service. Find out what makes us different.

Leading the Industry

We have a professional production line and mechanized production with an annual production capacity of 50,000 trailers.

We are the only semi-trailer manufacturer in China with a combined production line of longitudinal share and roll forming.

Advanced Manufacturing

The beam welding adopts the original American Lincoln single-arc double-wire welding machine, which has greater welding penetration and higher quality than domestic welding machines.

There are over 40 welding experts with professional certificates in our company. More than 60% of the company’s welders are skilled in welding.

Quality Products

The Three Horses Trailer uses high-quality steel SH800, and the 1200MPa trailer baffle is shock-proof, which can avoid damage to the body. The axle uses BPW, which is a world-renowned brand.

We pay attention to the details of each semi-trailer. From the best steel and axle to feature design, to meticulous quality control. Our products are built to last.

Paint Facility

Each of our trailers will be painted twice, which is spray paint is not easy to peel off. And it will also be checked for paint application to avoid defects.


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