Why Choose Three Horses Bike Trailers?

There are many ways to get along with your kids, whether it’s watching cartoons and playing games together at home, or going out to participate in outdoor activities, which are very beneficial to them.

Did you try this popular sport of riding a bike with your kid by a bike trailer? Bike trailer is safe enough and a happy experience for kids. Three Horses Company has launched a lot of bike trailers which are hot sales. Following are the advantages of these bike trailers, hope you find suitable bike trailers for your family.

bike trailer

Various Types for parents to choose

Single seat or double seat

To meet more needs, our bike trailers are available in single seat and double seat styles. Twin Seats are designed for twin families and growing families. Of course, if you only have one child, you can also pull another friend’s child in the double seat trailer for a family activity on weekend.

Pulling children or pets

Pets are an indispensable part of many families. When going on a trip on weekend, in addition to choosing to bring pets in a car, you can also choose a bicycle trailer. The sides of the dog bike trailer are meshed so pets can breathe the fresh air outdoors in the trailer.

dog bike trailer

2 wheels and 3 wheels

2-wheel trailers are the common choice for parents who ride bicycles. And 3-wheel bike trailers are designed for another need. The function of 3-wheel trailers for baby is the same as a stroller. When children are sitting in the trailers, parents pushing them behind the trailer. The 3-wheel trailer can be converted into a 2-wheel trailer at any time and used on the bike, just remove the front wheel.

child bike trailer


The safety of a bicycle trailer depends mainly on its harness, all of our bicycle trailers are equipped with standard five-point harnesses, which can perfectly protect children during riding.

bike trailer harness

Affordable Price

As a manufacturer, our products have a great advantage on the price, with most bike trailers under $100, which can also meet the needs of most parents. Several types of high-end trailers cost over $100, and of course they perform better.

bike trailer
bike trailer
bike trailer
bike trailer
bike trailer
bike trailer

If you have an idea about buying a bike trailer, the following article will help you how to choose a bike trailer suitable for you.

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