Why Choose a Side Dump Trailer?

Dump trailers are usually divided into 3 types: end dump trailer, belly dump trailer and side dump trailer.

End dump trailers are what most people think of when they hear the term “dump trailers.” When using dump trailers, the drivers have to raise the front end of the tub enough to empty everything inside. Belly dump trailers unload cargo directly from the bottom of the tub. Side dump trailers are the latest type to be used, and they provide greater stability by tilting the trailers to one side to unload the load. They are used to eliminate the costly and dangerous tipping over issues of end dump trailers, as well as the challenge of belly dump trailers.

end dump trailer
bottom dump trailer
side dump trailer

Advantages of using side dump trailers

  1. Better sight lines, no backing up. The operator’s sight is blocked by the tub when the end dump trailer is unloading.
  2. Watertight. End dump trailers and belly dump trailers are not suitable for transporting delicate materials or liquids because the cargo will leak through the rear and bottom doors.
  1. Easy to unload. Safe to unload on soft, uneven ground; no need to back up or find a level area to unload. The unloading method of the end dump trailer cannot support it being unloaded on uneven ground, otherwise, accidents will occur due to loss of stability. And when unloading with an end dump trailer, you need to consider the possibility of touching the power lines.
  2. Less maintenance cost. End dump trailers have up to 35 feet of exposed cylinders when unloading, compared to just 3 feet for side dump trailers. This means that under the same conditions of use, a cylinder of a side dump trailer is less likely to be damaged. In addition to that, the average cost of replacing a cylinder on an end dump trailer is $4,500, while a side dump costs only $1,000. Therefore, it is more economical to use the side dump trailer.
  3. Unload quick. The unloading time of the end dump trailer takes 120s, while the side dump trailer only takes 15-20s, so it is more efficient.
  4. The side dump trailer can transport any material, from fine sand to boulders and debris, to waste sludge, silage and other agricultural products.

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