Why Choose Car Stackers?

The use of private cars has increased dramatically in recent years due to the phenomenal growth of the automotive industry. However, compared to the number of vehicles, parking space has statistically declined. On the other hand, the global economy is at risk of recession in 2023. Therefore, how to maximize parking space with minimum cost will be a challenging issue before all property owners and developers. As one of the most popular parking lifts, car stackers should be considered first when people are looking for the best solution.

car stacker

What is a car stacker?

A car stacker, also known as a parking stacker or simply a parking lift, is a lift that lifts and stores single or multiple cars in a stack at the same time. The most common stacking position is a precise plane parallel to the ground. The main goal of car stackers is to save space and provide parking for multiple vehicles.

This type of stacker parking is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. Due to traffic congestion and cramped living spaces, many people find it difficult to find parking spaces. In such cases, car stackers can be a great solution to the problem and reduce the amount of traffic. They can be found in luxury homes and apartments, valet parking lots, professional auto repair stores, new car showrooms, etc.

How do car stackers work?

Car stackers work simply by parking your vehicle on top of a lift platform. The stacker will then raise or lower it depending on the type of car stacker you are using. Another space will then be left for the next parked vehicle.

Why choose car stackers?

Car stackers are a great choice for a number of reasons.

Safe and Reliable

Fully compliant with CE safety standards, the car stacker is completely safe and reliable. The robust construction will guarantee the stability of the system. In addition, the automatic safety lock ensures strong load retention. It automatically prevents the lift system from falling suddenly. On the other hand, sensors are connected to each parking system. Therefore, any wrong command will not affect the whole system until you follow the protocol. Thus, parking stackers have been safe and reliable for a long time.

Extra Storage Space

Most houses and apartment buildings have only a few garages. Therefore, if you have more than one car, finding the ideal location to store them together can be difficult. You can solve these problems effectively with a car stacker. You don’t have to rent space or worry about finding new space, because the stacker already provides you with additional parking spaces.

Cost-Effective Solution

Since stackers provide additional storage space for your cars, you can often save on rent. Thanks to the car stacker, you do not need to build an oversized garage for your vehicles. Often, you can limit your parking spaces by installing a stacked parking system. In addition, because of the simple structural design of the stacker, the cost is much cheaper than semi-automatic parking systems such as lift and slide parking systems, rotating parking systems, fully automated parking systems and other automated parking systems. The end user not only saves on the cost of the system, but also on installation and maintenance costs.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a car stacker or parking lift is easy. There are no complicated features that you might worry about. The mechanism is simple, so maintenance is simple. You may need to check the hydraulic fluid to see if it is a hydraulic system. If it is an electrical system, you may need to check the wiring. However, all popular types of automatic stacker cranes are easy to maintain.


Parking stackers can be used for a variety of purposes besides parking lot or car storage. 4-post car lifts, which many people use as garage storage lifts, store miscellaneous items on the ceiling of the garage. They are also used for boat storage, as an alternative solution to boat docking. Parking stackers can also be customized for different payloads and lifting heights to suit different uses.

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