Why Buy a Teardrop Trailer?

When we enjoy camping, we have a lot of choices, from teardrop trailers to tent trailers to RV trailers. Each type of trailer has its own pros and cons. So, what are the pros and cons of the teardrop trailer? Is it worth it?

About Teardrop Trailer

The teardrop trailer is one of the oldest forms of RV trailer. Their front ends are large and round, and the tail of the trailer is tapered to form a teardrop-shaped outline. Generally, the large and round part serves as the sleeping area, and the narrower area at the back serves as the kitchen and storage area. Teardrop trailers allow us to bring as few things as possible, but at the same time still bring some conveniences from home.

Living room
teardrop trailer


1. Low cost
The size of the teardrop trailer determines that it will not cost you a lot of money or other resources. Its size is small, so when you tow it, it will consume less oil. The smaller body also means that it is easier to control on the road, and you should not spend time learning how to control it.

2. Most vehicles can be towed
Sometimes, the weight of a teardrop trailer is even less than 1,000 pounds. An ordinary car can be dragged, and even when the teardrop trailer is small enough, a motorcycle can drag it.

3. “Real” camping
What people enjoy when camping is outdoor dining and campfires. The Teardrop Trailer is very small, just to provide you with a warm bed, you can enjoy the nature while cooking, instead of the family facilities on wheels.


1. No bathroom
For some people, this is really hard to accept. Although you may feel nothing during the day, if it is at night or when the weather is bad, you may not feel like walking to the camp bathroom. In this case, no bathroom would be a devastating blow.

2. No built-in kitchen
When the weather is clear, the absence of a built-in kitchen will not hinder anything. But if you encounter rain, snow, or strong wind, this will definitely not bring you an excellent experience.

3. Small spaces
The teardrop trailer is designed to be a sleeping area and storage area for your camping equipment, and it can only do these two points. For tall people, the teardrop trailer may not be a good choice.

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