Why a Bike Trailer is a Good Choice for Family?

A bike trailer is a great way to carry things by bike. Just attach the trailer to your bike, load it up, and you’re ready to go! We’ve compiled three ways a bike trailer can be conveniently used for you in your family life.

bike trailer

hauling Children

From the moment your babies can sit up on their own (when they are between 6 and 12 months old), you can carry them on a child bike trailer. Bike trailers are perfect for a cycling holiday and you can take your children on an outing. Bike trailers are also ideal for cycling trips with your baby or toddler. Bike trailers are designed to carry a child or two safely and comfortably. It also has several extra pockets for convenient carrying of extras like snacks, children’s toys and a clean change of clothes.

Some bike trailers look large in size, don’t be bothered by the size of these bike trailers as all bike trailers can be easily folded and stowed away. Children’s bike trailers are also usually foldable. Our bike trailers can even turn into a stroller/pram/jogger after you’ve finished your bike ride. Especially handy for those who love to run!

bike trailer
bike trailer
bike trailer

Hauling Pets

Our pet bike trailers are specially designed for you and your pet to go to a trip with your bike. It can carry larger, heavier dogs (such as Labrador retrievers) that don’t fit in a transporter or a basket on a luggage rack, many other pets also can be carried. But it usually has a maximum load of 40kg, which is enough to transport many pets. Our pet bike trailers are made of scratch resistant material to prevent pets from scratching the trailer. They also have extra pockets to store belts, snacks, frisbees or anything else you want to carry.

Hauling Cargo

Bike trailers are a great option for fishing days when you want to carry extras with you, or for a picnic in a nearby park. Its large pockets can hold camping equipment, fishing tackle, food, and more.

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