Which Boat Trailer Is Suitable for Me?

When you open a web and search for boat trailer, you will see many types. Are you struggling with buy which boat trailer? What are the differences between these types of boat trailers? You will have to find out which trailers are rated for which boats before you can purchase one to haul your new treasure.

Type of boat trailer:

Single Axle Boat Trailer

The most obvious feature of this trailer is that it has only one axle and limited load-bearing capacity. This makes it only able to accommodate ships from 10’ to 14’. At the same time, it is only suitable for short-distance transportation. If your destination needs to pass through the highway, then it may not be a good choice.

If your boat is small and will not pass highways and other speed-requiring sections on the way, a single-axle boat trailer will be a good choice. Because its price will be much cheaper than other trailers.

Tandem Axle Boat Trailer

It is equivalent to an enhanced version of a single-axle boat trailer, with two axles. This trailer can bear heavier weight, transport larger ships, and be suitable for higher speeds and highway conditions. It can usually accommodate vessels from 18’ to 25’. But obviously, its price will be more expensive than single-axle trailers.

Tandem Axle Boat Trailer

Triple Axle Boat Trailers

The greater the number of axles, the greater the carrying capacity and the longer the length of the vessel that can be accommodated. Therefore, this kind of ship trailer is more suitable for heavy ship transportation. At the same time, the number of axes also means the price. Its price will be higher than the tandem axle boat trailer. This kind of boat trailer is usually not the choice of private boat owners, because they like compact boats and do not need such a large trailer.

Submersible and Roll-Off

The above-mentioned boat trailers can be divided into submersible and rollers.

Submersible boat trailers need to be loaded and unloaded in the water. Only if they are completely immersed in the water can they fully accommodate the boat.

  • How to use: Put the trailer in the water and let the boat float on them.

Roller trailers do not need to be completely immersed in the water, because the wheels will help the boat move in and out. This is why the price of roll-off trailers is higher than that of submersible trailers.

Since the submersible trailer needs to be completely immersed in the water, it needs more maintenance costs, especially when you want to unload the boat into salt water, be careful to prevent corrosion.

Submersible boat trailers
Roller Trailers

If you are not sure which trailer is more suitable for you, you can contact us and let us recommend it for you.

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  1. Next month, my dad’s new boat is arriving, so he’s interested in buying a trailer to transport it. I’m glad you described different types of boat trailers to help us choose the best one for my dad’s needs, so I’ll share this with him now. Thank you for the insight on submersible and roll-off trailers and their differences.

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