When to Use Lowboy Trailer And RGN Trailer?

While lowboy trailers and RGN trailers may look similar, they are actually quite different, both in terms of loading capabilities, hauling capabilities, and cost. In simple terms, lowboy trailers have better hauling capacity than RGN trailers, but RGN trailers can easily load cargo. More detailed differences among them can be found in this article: Differences Between Lowboy Trailer And RGN Trailer

The difference between them determines that they are suitable for different industries. When should I choose a lowbed trailer? When to choose an RGN trailer?

Oil and Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, transportation is all about bulky goods, such as drill bits, mining equipment, high-capacity shovels, generators, and various goods. Due to the particularity of the equipment, this industry often requires custom lowbed trailers to meet their special needs.

In addition to size, robustness is one of the key considerations for the oil and gas industry. If the trailer is damaged due to poor construction, it will cost the company time and money.

trailer in oil and gas industry

Construction industry

The types of equipment needed in the construction industry vary widely, so what type of equipment to transport is the key to choosing a lowbed or RGN trailer. For some smaller loads that can be moved on a fixed neck trailer, a lowboy trailer may be an option, others may need to be transported on an RGN trailer.

trailer in construction industry

Agricultural Industry

In agriculture, transportation of agricultural equipment is very important, especially in areas where agriculture is the main industry. Agricultural equipment often can be self-moving, so RGN trailers are the more popular type. Because its gooseneck is detachable, it is very convenient to load or unload agricultural equipment.

Towing Industry

Heavy-duty trailers are essential when some large vehicles, such as coaches, break down and need to be transported. Usually, RGN trailers are more popular. Because it allows the towed vehicle to be loaded in a variety of different ways.

trailer in towing industry

When making your decision, please always consider the weight and height of your cargo, your industry, and local traffic laws. If you have any questions about choosing a lowboy trailer, please feel free to contact us.

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