What to Do Before and After Boat Trailers Get Rust?

If you often go boating and transport your boat, your boat and trailer are very easy to get rust and corrosion. Surface rust not only affects the appearance, but also can gradually age your boat and trailer. When they are severely corroded, you have to choose to repair or replace them, both will cost a lot of money.

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Why do boat trailers get rust easily?

Salt water strikes the boat trailers and leaves on the surface for a long time, then the boat trailers get rust and corrosion.

Now we know the reason for rust and corrosion, we could solve this problem according to it.

Before Boat Trailers Get Rusted

Spray lubricant on trailers before getting in water

Applying lubricant to clean and dry surfaces of trailers. The lubricant will prevent water from reaching them. Make sure the surface is dry before applying lubricant. Applying any lubricant or any paint on a wet surface will result in a big failure.

Wash boat trailers after using them

Cleaning the boat trailer with fresh water after every ride. If you go boating in salt waters, it is also important to wash your boat trailer using salt away or similar products once or twice weekly. Otherwise, using those products isn’t needed much.

After Boat Trailers Get Rusted

Even though we take the precautionary measures before using them, sometimes they still get rust. Following are a few ways to remove the rust and clean it totally.

Scrub the rusted surfaces with a wire brush

  • After making sure the surface is dry, take a wire brush and rub them all over the rusted surface.
  • Otherwise, if you have a drill, you can buy a wire brush for the drill to scrub the rusted trailer parts. The combination of both will work well. A handy wire brush will go to the places where the drill can’t go, and the wire brush with drill will clean the rusted surfaces quickly.

Clean the trailers and apply the paint (if needed)

Ensure all the rusted areas are scrubbed well enough, and after that, take a hose or pressure washer (fresh water) and start cleaning the areas that you have scrubbed. Ensure everything is cleaned properly. Then wait for some time and let them dry completely. Finally, based on the type of trailer (steel or aluminum), apply the corresponding paint to them.

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