What Is the Weight Capacity of the Low Bed Trailer?

The expected performance of a semi-trailer is critical to the design process. Usually, people put forward their needs, and then the designer will design the corresponding semi-trailer. The low bed trailer is designed for transporting large equipment.

Large equipment is usually heavy, irregularly shaped, and has a certain height, so low bed trailers have no box and have a lower deck in the middle. It not only facilitates the transportation of large equipment to the semi-trailer but also avoids the dilemma of exceeding the limit height. Therefore, when choosing a low bed trailer, the low bed trailer weight capacity and deck height are two important criteria. This article will mainly introduce the low bed trailer weight capacity.

low bed trailer weight capacity

Common capacities of low bed trailer

The number of low bed trailer axles is different, including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 axles, and the more common ones are 2 axles or 3 axles. The larger number of axles, the higher the carrying capacity of the low-bed trailer.

30T Low Bed Trailer
Rated load
20T – 30T
Tare weight
Number of axes
Number of tires
50T Low Bed Trailer
Rated load
40T – 50T
Tare weight
Number of axes
Number of tires
80T Low Bed Trailer
Rated load
60T, 70T, 80T
Tare weight
Number of axes
3 or 4
Number of tires
100T Low Bed Trailer
Rated load
90T, 100T, 110T
Tare weight
Number of axes
3 or 5
Number of tires

There is a strong relationship between the tare weight and the material of the low bed trailer. You can choose carbon steel and high-strength steel. Among them, carbon steel has reasonably priced and is easy to process.

But in addition to the price, the weight of the cargo also needs to be considered. High-strength steel is a better choice if you need to transport heavy loads, or you are located in cold regions. Steel can be said to be a global engineering material that can ensure good strength even at low temperatures.

Most semi-trailers are made of steel. Besides steel being an inexpensive production material, it is also the first choice for trailer construction because of its useful properties. Some manufacturers use low-grade steel to reduce production costs, which leads to problems with the quality of the semi-trailer. But don’t worry, all the semi-trailer of Three Horses Trailer is made of high-grade steel and there will be no quality issues.

Load capacity calculation

When buying a low bed trailer, the best way is to consult an engineer who will guide you to determine the trailer’s load capacity. But you will not always get quick feedback from engineers. At this time, you can first calculate the load capacity using the following formula:

Maximum load capacity = number of axles x each axle’s load capacity + the load capacity of the towing truck

This formula can be used to estimate the maximum weight any trailer can transfer.

The most common axles are 13t, 26t, and 30t or heavy load models. If you just want to calculate the axle capacity to determine which axle to choose, you can use the following formula:

Total weight = empty weight (vehicle weight) + cargo weight = 2 x number of axles x each axle’s load capacity

If you want to buy a low bed trailer, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with high-quality semi-trailers and services.

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