What Is the Function of Live Bottom Trailer?

On the road, we often see dump trailers, which are used to transport gravel and stones. However, when unloading, the end dump trailer has the risk of overturning, which is a safety hazard. In response to this situation, people have designed a new semi-trailer: live bottom trailer.

What is a live bottom trailer?

Live bottom trailers can be seen as an alternative to dump trucks or end dump trailers or as a more convenient transportation solution. Because it doesn’t have to be raised to deposit materials. The typical live bottom trailer has a conveyor belt on the bottom of the trailer tub that pushes the material out of the back of the trailer at a controlled pace.


  • Gravel
  • Potatoes, carrots and other crops
  • Top soil
  • Grain
  • Asphalt
  • Lime
  • Sand

Advantages of live bottom trailers

1. Eliminate rollovers

The live-bottom trailer does not need to lift the belly for dumping, so there is no rollover, and there is no need to consider whether there are overhead wires around. And because of its low center of gravity, it is easier to unload on uneven areas. This means that live-bottom trailers can work almost anywhere.

2. The tub empties clean

The cargo in the live bottom trailer will be unload by belt, which ensures that there will be no residue in the tub. So, before each transport, there is no need to get inside the tub and clean it up as you would with a traditional dump trailer.

3. Ride more smoothly

Compared to traditional tipper trailers, live-bottom trailers have a lower center of gravity. This means that in the process of driving, the driver can better control the semi-trailer.

4. Lower threshold

Finding an experienced semi-trailer driver is sometimes not an easy task. Traditional dump trailers will have certain requirements on the driver because when unloading, the driver needs to grasp the timing to avoid rollover. But live bottom trailers have no requirements for drivers.

5. Versatile hauling

Live bottom trailers have a smoother, more controlled ride, which means that more delicate materials, such as potatoes or carrots, can be better transported or unloaded. Therefore, live-bottom trailers are very popular in the agricultural or construction industry.

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