What is the Best Car Trailer for Transporting Exotic Cars?

There are various car trailers for transporting cars, open or closed, with ramps or hydraulic liftgates. We have previously introduced How to Choose the Best Car Trailer for You. This article is about how to choose a car trailer to transport exotic car, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche or other high-end cars, which have some special issues to consider when transporting to ensure a foolproof transport process.

  • Exotic cars are expensive to repair and therefore need to be more fully protected throughout the transportation process than regular vehicles.
  • Exotic cars have more special parts than ordinary vehicles, and ordinary car trailers are not suitable for transporting such cars.

Enclosed car trailers provide more comprehensive protection against bad weather conditions, dirt and debris.

Open car trailers expose the vehicle to adverse weather conditions, dirt and road debris that can damage the vehicle. Enclosed transport eliminates these potential sources of damage by protecting the vehicle inside the trailer. Exotic vehicles in enclosed transport are not only protected from outside sources, but additional protection can be added by covering the vehicle with cloth or plastic.

Hydraulic liftgate dedicated to loading and unloading special vehicles.

There are two ways to load a car: use a ramp to drive the vehicle onto a trailer or use a hydraulic liftgate. Hydraulic lift gates are critical when transporting exotic cars for two reasons. 

  • First, many exotic vehicles have low ground clearance; without the use of a liftgate, the vehicle’s landing gear (especially the front bumper) may be scraped during loading and unloading. Using a hydraulic liftgate ensures that the vehicle’s front bumper and landing gear remain intact.
  • Prevent wear and tear on the vehicle clutch. If a vehicle is loaded using a ramp and the driver is not experienced enough, unnecessary clutch wear can occur, so using a hydraulic liftgate is necessary.

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