What Is Flatbed Trailer Shipping?

In the trucking industry, you may often hear about flatbed trailer shipping. But what is flatbed trailer shipping?

Flatbed trailer shipping is the best choice when the cargo doesn’t need the protection of a dry van enclosure, or when the cargo can’t fit into a standard trailer size for transport.

How does flatbed trailer shipping work?

Flatbed trailer shipping is known as open transport of oversized cargo. Your cargo will be placed on a flat base platform without the protection of trailer walls around it. Compared to dry van trailers, the flatbed trailer has a wider range and is suitable for transporting different cargo capacities. For example, you can use a flatbed to transport oversized cargo, such as forklifts or wind turbines.

Common flatbed trailer transport can transport the following types of cargo: agricultural equipment, lumber, manufacturing commodities, heavy machinery, formed concrete objects, etc.

Benefits of flatbed trailer shipping

Flatbed trailer shipping offers the possibility to transport oversized cargo. Since there are no physical walls, there is no need to worry about damage to the walls by the cargo. With permission, cargo can be transported beyond the flatbed trailer.

Flatbed trailers are more convenient when unloading cargo. Also, because there are no physical walls, cargo can be loaded and unloaded from both sides and from the top and back at the same time.

There are various types of trailers. Flatbed semi-trailers are available in gooseneck flatbeds, lowboy trailers, RGN trailers, etc. Different types of flatbed trailers can be used depending on the type of cargo to be transported.

flaebed trailer

Disadvantages of flatbed shipping

Inability to protect cargo well. Compared to other trailers, flatbed transport is more vulnerable to weather conditions. Because there are no physical walls, tarpaulins are usually used to protect the cargo.

Higher requirements for drivers. Because flatbed trailers are not enclosed, diver need to be careful about dropping cargo during transport. The driver also needs to have good planning skills when loading the cargo at the very beginning.

Start your flatbed trailer shipping business

Once you understand what flatbed trailer shipping is, you are ready to plan your flatbed trailer shipping business.

Three Horses Trailer can help you find the right flatbed trailer. We will recommend the right type of flatbed trailer for you based on the load. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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