What Is Extendable Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers can transport a wide variety of goods, such as building materials, wood, and more. But there are some goods, they have super long length, standard flatbed semi-trailer cannot undertake the transportation of these goods, such as wind turbine blades, derrick and so on.

But what to do when these goods need to be shipped? The best solution is to use an extendable flatbed trailer.

What is extendable flatbed trailer?

It can also be called an extendable flatbed stretch trailer. Its main purpose is to carry very long loads that cannot be mounted on standard flatbed trailers. Extendable flatbed trailers provide maximum support for these cargoes, preventing the risk of overhanging cargo.

extendable flatbed trailer


Standard flatbed trailers are usually 20 feet, 40 feet, or 53 feet in size. Three Horses Trailer’s extendable flatbed trailer can be up to 78 feet long.

  • Flatbed Stretch Trailer Length: 40ft-78ft
  • Flatbed Stretch Trailer Width: 102 inches

The height at which it can be transported is usually 8.5 feet. But this is not absolute, specific needs to know your local regulations.

Cargo that can be transported:

  • Building supplies such as risers, concrete columns, bridges, etc.
  • Outer diameter tube
  • Wood, pipes
  • Wind turbine blades
extendable flatbed trailer

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