What Is Bulk Pneumatic Tanker Trailer?

Bulk pneumatic tanker trailers are also called dry bulk tanks. We may rarely see this type of semi-trailer on the road, but all the plastic-related items you use, such as glasses, yogurt cups, and pens, are actually related to it. Almost every ounce of plastic is loaded by pneumatic trailer when used as resin pellets or powder.

Bulk pneumatic tanker

Bulk pneumatic tanker trailers

The bulk pneumatic trailer looks like a metal cylinder from the outside, with a series of cone-shaped hoppers at the bottom and a series of openings at the top (the opening is also called a manhole). There is a valve at the button of each hopper. During transportation, the valve remains closed and only opens when the cargo is unloaded, allowing the product to run out of the hopper and into the pipeline.

Dry bulk trailers are usually single compartments, made of aluminum or steel. Some customers will also request more compartments, we will customize it for you according to your needs.

Transport items:

  • Building products: cement, sand, lime
  • Food products: flour, sugar, grain, starch
  • Chemical products: plastic particles, dry chemicals
plastic particles
plastic particles


  1. Vacuum sealed. The vacuum-sealed dry bulk trailer can prevent outside air from entering. This protects the product from moisture and contaminants.
  2. The fuel tank can be easily unloaded through the pneumatic system.

Issues to consider

Residual rate

When buying a pneumatic trailer, the most important thing is the residual rate. This involves pollution issues. If the residual rate is high, after each unloading, there may be a little stray material or a little clay remaining on it and stuck deep in the pipeline. It may not sound like a problem, but imagine that you were transporting black plastic pellets before, and now you are loading white plastic in the same car. If these black particles fall off, they will be mixed with white plastic particles, and then when customers use these raw materials to produce products, there will be ugly black diagonal lines that span hundreds of units, causing you to have to throw away these products.

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