What Is a Walking Floor Trailer?

The two things we need to consider when transporting goods are usage and load type. Usually, we use passive trailers, such as flatbed trailers, low boy trailers, and step-up trailers. They all need other equipment to help with loading and unloading. But these passive trailers are not suitable for all jobs, many people choose walking floor trailers when transporting large loads.

What is a walking floor trailer?

Walking floor trailers are built with a mobile floor system that eliminates the difficulty of unloading heavy materials. Because it essentially “walks” the content for you.

Both the driver and the shipper can have peace of mind when using a walkable floor trailer. Because it means the driver can supervise the unloading process from a safe distance without stress or danger. During the process of moving the load, the floor bumped out of the trailer with a very predictable and steady retraction rhythm. At any time during the unloading process, a portion of the floor always remains still. This slow, steady unloading pattern ensures the safety of the cargo and the integrity of its contents.

walking floor trailer

What cargo can be transported on a walking floor trailer?

Walking floor trailers are better for transporting very large or bulky items, such as home improvement and landscaping projects. In addition, it can also be used to transport the following items:

  • Aggregate
  • Agricultural products
  • Biomass
  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Lumber
  • Mulch
  • Pallets of paper
  • Waste

Operation of the Walking Floor Trailer

Typically, a flooring system has a number of groupings of three floorslats. So, the total number of floorslats will always be a multiple of three. Typically, a standard walking floor trailer has 21 floorslats.

When unloading the cargo, the 21 floorslats will be divided into three groups and retracted one group at a time. During retraction, the other two groups remain stationary, so the cargo is stationary during the process. When the three groups of floorslats all retreat a certain distance, the three groups of floorslats move forward at the same time, driving the load. You can also understand the process by watching the video below.

Of course, the walking floor trailer can be equipped with 15 or 24 slats in addition to the standard 21 floorslats. The fewer slats, the stronger they are generally. Such floorslats are used to transport heavier goods such as scrap. The more slats, the finer the payload.

To ensure that the last load can be taken off the floor, the walking floor trailer is fitted with moving partitions. This spacer will move with the last load. Not only can it ensure that all the goods can be taken out, it also saves the driver’s cleaning time.

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