What Is a Trailer Dry Van?

Trailer dry vans are very common on the road, and you have probably seen hundreds of them. But it’s hard to understand how these trailers work and what they’re used for from the exterior. But don’t worry, Three Horses Trailer will help you understand this.

What is a trailer dry van?

Trailer dry van is often referred to as a dry van trailer, which is an enclosed trailer that provides protection for the cargo inside. It is one of the most common types of freight in the United States. It has the following advantages.

  1. Large interior space to transport more cargo
  2. Keeps cargo safe from weather and theft
  3. Cargo is loaded on pallets to van trailers, making it easier and faster to unload, which can significantly improve transportation efficiency

However, there are some shortcomings of the dry van trailer.

  1. Limited capacity. Because of the trailer wall, the volume of the cargo cannot exceed the size of the van trailer
  2. The wooden floor is easily damaged. Sometimes it may be due to heavy loads, sometimes it may be due to wet weather

Dry van trailer dimensions

The standard length of the dry van trailer is 53 ft. It has the same width as a flatbed semi-trailer, both 8″6′, and a height of 9 ft. The standard dry van trailer is capable of carrying 45,000 pounds of cargo and is able to drop 26 standard-size pallets.

In addition to the standard 53-foot trailer, a common size is 48 ft. It does not differ from the standard van in width and height, but only in length.

van trailer

Shipping Costs

Of all the freight types, dry van trailers are the cheapest form of transportation. In the transportation industry, a common billing method is by the mile. The cost per mile for a dry van is usually lower than for a flatbed. While the amount of difference per Inch is small, the cost can increase significantly when transporting hundreds of miles over long distances.

And dry van trailers have physical walls that directly protect the cargo from the weather. But if you are transporting with a flatbed semi-trailer and want to exclude the effects of weather, you also need to consider the cost of tarps.

Purpose of dry cargo trailer

Dry cargo trailers are very versatile and any load that does not exceed its size and is not perishable can be transported in a van trailer. The following are common cargoes transported in dry cargo trailers.

  • Household goods, usually transported on pallets, including clothing, toys, etc.
  • Non-perishable food and beverages
  • Publishing and printing materials, such as books, magazines, paper, etc.

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