What Is a Tipper Trailer?

Tipper trailers are also known as dump trailers. They are used to transport heavy loads of loose materials, such as sand, gravel, construction debris, etc. It is widely used in the construction, agricultural, and mining industries.

Material and Capacity

Tipper trailers are made in the same way as most semi-trailers and are usually available in two materials: aluminum and steel. The aluminum tipper is lighter in weight and can transport more cargo. However, it has the disadvantage of being prone to deformation. Steel tipper trailers are heavier but more robust.

Tipper trailers come in different capacities, from small trailers for personal use to large trailers for industrial use. Small trailers usually have a load capacity of 750-3500 kg. Large trailers are available in capacities up to 90 tons, with common capacities of 30, 50, and 70 tons.

dump trailer
Aluminum Tipper Trailer
end dump trailer
Steel Tipper Trailer


Tipper trailers can be divided into two types according to the type of dumping, rear tippers, and side tippers.

Rear Tipper Trailer

It works by offloading cargo towards the rear area. A rear tipper trailer is usually used for transporting construction materials such as sand, stone, and sometimes coal, or other industrial raw materials.

The benefit of the rear tipper trailer is that the unloading process is simplified. Once the rear of the trailer is locked, you can transport the cargo to the destination. When unloading the cargo, the front side of the tipper trailer is raised, allowing the cargo to fall from the back.

Side Tipper Trailer

The side tipper trailer is an alternative to the rear tipper trailer. You can use it when you need to dump in an area where there is not enough space. The side tipper trailer helps to save space.

Side tippers are suitable for loads with small rest angles and have greater load capacity.

frameless dump trailer
Rear Tipper Trailer
side dump trailer
Side Tipper Trailer

Frame and Frameless

Tipper trailers can also be divided into frame tipper trailers and frameless tipper trailers according to their structure. You can learn more by reading the following article.

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  1. Thank you for informing us that tipper trailers are used to transport heavy loads of loose materials, so they come in different capacities depending on the cargo. My brother owns a gravel supplier company, and it seems like they need new hydraulic tippers for their deliveries. I’ll keep this in mind while I help him find a trailer company to contact about the tipper trailers they need for business soon.

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