What Is a Tautliner Truck

Tautliner and curtainsider are used as generic names for curtain sided trucks/trailers. The curtains are permanently fixed to a runner at the top and detachable rails/poles at the front and rear. Allowing the curtains to be drawn open and forklifts used all along the sides for easy and efficient loading and unloading.[1]

When closed for travel, vertical load restraint straps are attached to a rope rail beneath the truck bed, connecting the truck bed and curtain along both sides. Winches at either end of the curtain tension it, hence the ‘Tautliner’ name.

Tautliner Truck
tautliner trailer with cargo
Curtain side trailer
How tautliner trailer works


The first tautliner truck body style is built by Boalloy Company, patented the Tautliner make in 1983. This company was acquired by another iconic British transportation company: Stobart Group in November 2007. Nowadays, many manufacturers can produce side curtain semi-trailers with good quality.


The tautliner trucks provide an access to payloads through the rigid rear door and from both its curtain sides.
This makes the tautliner trucks more efficient, faster loading and unloading of goods, saving time and transportation costs. Clients can also customize curtainsider trailer according to their own needs, installing tail lifts or opting for curtained sides on one side of the truck and rigid paneling on the other side.

Tautliner Truck Features


Since Tautliner trucks are often used in conjunction with forklifts, the most common way to measure Tautliner trucks is the number of pallets. It can be divided into 6 pallets, 8 pallets, 9 pallets, 10 pallets, 12 pallets, etc. Customers can choose according to their needs.

In addition, it can also be classified according to weight: 6-ton or 8-ton gross vehicle weight (GVW) medium rigid trucks; 12-ton GVW heavy rigid trucks.

For curtain side trailer belt and curtains also have specifications. Some belts can withstand 3,000 lbs. They are usually made of stainless steel with buckles that can be reliably closed. The curtain is made of PVC-coated polyester fiber, with 2 x 2 weave or high-grade 3 x 2 weave, which can increase the durability of the curtain by 50%.

Tautliner trucks belt
Tautliner trailer
Tautliner trailer with cargo


  1. Speedy load and unload. The trailer can be accessed from both sides as well as the rear door by multiple forklifts simultaneously.
  2. Simplified partial deliveries. It can load and unload goods at the same time, which saves time.
  3. Lighter.Compared with the van semi-trailer, the Tautliner trailer has fewer rigid panels, which reduces the weight of the body and saves fuel consumption.


  • Pallet goods: daily necessities, beverages, etc.
  • Heavy cargo: heavy machinery, steel coils, paper coils, etc.
  • Industrial waste

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