What Is a Stretch Flatbed Trailer?

Have you ever wondered how wind turbine blades are transported? They are so long that a standard flatbed semi-trailer cannot transport them. If the cargo touches the ground because of its length, it will affect the cargo itself and cause trouble to traffic and roads. In this case, a stretch flatbed trailer is required.

extendable flatbed trailer

What Is a Stretch Flatbed Trailer?

As its name suggests, stretch means that the trailer can be extended vertically. It looks the same as a standard flatbed semi-trailer when it does not need to transport cargo. When long loads need to be transported, it stretches the trailer body up to 80 feet. The stretch flatbed trailer provides greater support for the cargo and can effectively prevent the risk of overhanging the cargo.

Like the flatbed semi-trailer, it also has many models, lowbed semi-trailer, gooseneck semi-trailer, they all can be stretched. This also expands the application scope of the stretch trailer, and any cargo that cannot be transported by a standard semi-trailer can be transported through it.

Flatbed-Stretch Image

Dimensions of the stretch trailer

  • Length: 40ft – 80ft
  • Width: around 8.6 feet (depending on your local laws)
  • Height: 8.5 feet (again depends on your local laws)
  • Maximum Cargo Weight: 43,000 lbs

The maximum cargo weight that can be tolerated is not unchangeable, you can communicate with your supplier. Usually increasing the number of axles can increase the load-bearing capacity of the semi-trailer, and a stretch flatbed trailer is no exception.

Potential Capabilities

  • Construction supplies such as risers, concrete, bridges, torch piles, derricks
  • Outer diameter tube
  • Common flat transport loads such as lumber, pipes, etc.
  • Heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers

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