What Is a Skeleton Trailer?

   A skeleton trailer is a trailer frame that can carry containers, sometimes called a container chassis.

In simple terms, it is a wheeled structure capable of transporting containers by truck between terminals, warehouses, and ports.

Skeleton trailers usually have two axles and transport standard ISO containers (20ft and 40ft). When a 20-foot container weighs over 36,000 pounds, or a 40-foot container weighs over 44,000 pounds, a three-axle skeleton trailer will be used.

Why use a container trailer?

The container chassis increases movement speed and efficiency. Its chassis is designed in such a way that containers can be easily unloaded and different sizes of containers can be transported.

1. Smooth and safe shipping

The container and the chassis are linked by a box lock. This prevents unnecessary container movement and ensures safe transport.

2. Durable and easy to transport

Skeleton trailers are usually made of steel, which is strong and durable and can easily accommodate heavy-duty containers.

3. Suitable for different shipping requirements

The most common one is the standard container chassis trailer, it does not have any additional functions, it is just a simple fixed structure. Other tools are required to load the cargo, usually an overhead crane. These chassis have box locks, which are visibly-marked spots to aid place containers safely.

There is also a trailer called tilt container chassis. Its chassis has upper and lower frames. The upper frame has a hydraulic system that tilts upward, just like the end-up dump trailer. There is usually a roller on the upper frame, which is attached to the lower frame of the chassis. This whole arrangement makes the unloading process safe and easy to handle.

tilt container trailer

The third type of trailer is called extendable container chassis. As the name suggests, this is an expandable chassis. This type of chassis can accommodate any container size. If you need to transport containers of different lengths, then you can choose this type of chassis. However, it should be noted that the chassis length of the skeleton trailer should be larger than the size of the container, and the container should be placed in the center, which is to keep the trailer stable and balanced.

4. Economical, fast and prompt delivery

A 40-foot container trailer can load two containers at the same time. And the skeleton trailer is very fast when loading and unloading, only need to load the container. If a box trailer is used, people also need to open the box to load and unload goods, which delays time.

5. Improve customer satisfaction

Customers are of course delighted when a skeleton trailer is used to transport containers so quickly, efficiently and safely, it also improves reliability and the overall customer experience.

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