What Is a Skeletal Semi Trailer?

The skeletal semi-trailer is a kind of minimal lightweight metal trailer, it’s most widely used is to transport containers, and its size is usually designed in accordance with the standard size of the container. Common skeletal semi-trailer size: 20ft, 40ft. The longest skeletal trailer can carry a 40ft container or two 20ft containers.

Manufacturing process

A skeletal semi-trailer can be divided into three parts: longitudinal beam, cross beam and front and rear end beams. The longitudinal beams are welded into an I-shape, using steel plate submerged arc welding. The cross beam is punched from steel plate into a groove, and the front and rear end beams are welded into a rectangular section.

skeletal semi-trailer

Container shipping

On the skeletal semi-trailer, there will be 4-12 twist locks for fixing the containers. When loading containers, driver also need to pay attention to the loading position. The container needs to be in the middle of the trailer. For example, when you load a 20ft container on a 40-foot skeletal trailer, you need to place it in the middle instead of the front or back. And when loading the container, a straddle carrier, forklift or container handler is needed.

Timber transportation

Skeletal trailers can not only transport containers, but can also transport timber. Of course, you need to assemble timber bunks. A timber truck is expensive. If you use a skeleton trailer, you can not only reduce costs (because skeleton trailers are much cheaper than timber bunks), but also save motor vehicle taxes.

timber bunks

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