What Is a Flowboy Trailer?

Flowboy trailer is actually another name for a live-bottom trailer, which is usually used as an alternative to an end dump trailer. The bottom of the flowboy trailer has a conveyor belt that pushes cargo from the rear of the trailer at a controlled rate.


The flowboy trailer is similar to the end dump trailer. They both unload cargo from the rear. But they have a clear difference: it doesn’t need to raise the tub to deposit materials. So, the flowboy trailer becomes a safer choice when working around power lines, bridges, and other overhead obstacles. It is also useful when paving ultra-high roads or tracks with steep gradients.

flowboy trailer
dump trailer unloading sand

Pros of Flowboy Trailer

The flowboy trailer is used to transport loads such as dirt, rocks, sand, asphalt, etc. It can also transport crops such as grains, carrots, potatoes, etc. Almost all goods that can be transported with dump trailer can be transported with live bottom trailer. Paving contractors now tend to use them instead of end dump trailers. Because it helps contractors avoid overhead obstacles, avoid rollovers, and deliver more materials for challenging projects.

The flowboy trailer can transport more bitumen, increasing from 2.5 tons to 3.5 tons. But an increase in tonnage often means an increase in body length. If the contractor uses an end dump trailer, they will most likely hit an overhead obstacle. But with the flowboy trailer contractor won’t need to worry about that. Because that’s one of its biggest advantages: Overhead structures are not an issue. Paving under this structure will not cause any damage.

flowboy trailer

In addition, the flowboy trailer can save the contractor extra money and manpower when paving the asphalt. Because contractors don’t have to deal with spilled material. On a dump trailer when you put the box down, the tail pan is still full of asphalt, and crews have to shovel them back into the semi-trailer. But the flowboy trailer doesn’t need it, at the end of the job, just close the tailgate and lock it so that no asphalt is spilled, no manual shoveling of material back into the semi-trailer is required.

But it also has some disadvantages, such as its high maintenance cost and not suitable for transporting heavy rocks. Because the heavy rock is the conveyor belt that can rip the bottom.

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