What Is a Dry Van Trailer

Dry van trailer transportation is one of the most popular and trusted methods of freight transportation. It can transport variety of goods and the enclosed trailer can protect the goods better. That’s why for many carriers, dry van trailers are the preferred mode of transportation.

What is dry van trailer?

The van trailer is a fully enclosed box that is not affected by the outside. It is loaded by trucks and is intended for the safe and reliable transport of a wide range of goods by road. It is usually used to transport non-perishable goods because it has no temperature control system.

Dimensions of dry trailers

53 feet

In order to transport as much cargo as possible, most dry van trailers are 53 feet in size. They can carry 45,000 pounds of cargo and can usually hold 26 standard pallets.

28 feet

This size of trailer is usually used to transport LTL freight. It can hold up to 22,500 pounds of freight and 14 conventional pallets.

24 feet

This size trailer is typically used for city deliveries and includes a liftgate.

When to use a dry trailer?

If your cargo is not temperature sensitive and is not oversized and can be loaded into the trailer, then a dry trailer will be your most efficient choice. These semi-trailers can be used for both full truckloads and LTL shipments.

Benefits of dry trailers

Variety of transportation

Dry van trailers are the most commonly used trailer and are ideal for transporting consumer packaged products. Clothing, household goods, parts, and electronics that are not temperature sensitive can all be transported in a dry trailer.


Dry van trailers are enclosed boxes, so the cargo cannot be affected by outside elements. And the trailer’s housing and securing capabilities reduce the possibility of theft.

What do I need to look for when buying a dry trailer?

1. Side Panels

Some trailers will claim to be made of “composite material”. This refers to an aluminum outer sheet, galvanized steel posts, and a “light” steel lining inside. But the truth is that this material is not resistant to damage. Galvanized steel sheets with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cores are more resistant to damage.

2. Scuff liner’s Design

This size of the trailer is usually used to transport LTL freight. It can hold up to 22,500 pounds of freight and 14 conventional pallets.

3. Base Rail Design

Steel bolts or aluminum rivets are usually used to build the base rails. Aluminum rivets are less expensive but are prone to side slippage and corrosion. The steel chromium-plated rivets not only can resist corrosion but also provide higher strength and can avoid damage to the side slip of the bottom rail.

van trailer side panels

If you want to buy or want to know more about the van trailer, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with excellent service.

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