What Can Lowboy Trailer Transport?

Lowboy trailers have been a popular type of trailer since the 1920s and are even becoming more popular. The lowbed trailer gets its name from a lower deck than other trailers.

The original lowbed trailer was attached to the truck cab using a riveted gooseneck at the front. There are solid rubber tires at the rear. This is also the first time that operational equipment can be driven to the deck. In the process, the sturdy rubber tires and rear axle matured with plenty of weight.

By the 1950s, the design of the lowboy trailer had improved, and the front gooseneck could be removed, making front loading an option as well. It also increases the way truck drivers load heavy loads.


Lowbed trailers are often used to transport machinery and heavy equipment. The difference between a lowboy trailer and a flatbed trailer is that it has a lowered deck. It has two droplets on its deck: one behind the gooseneck and the other in front of the wheels. This also means that the tail end of the lowbed trailer is above the well, but still lower than its front. This is also why lowbed trailers are called double drop, low loader or floater, depending on where you are.

The dimensions of the lowboy trailer may vary slightly, you can refer to the following dimensions:

  • Maximum well length – 24 feet to 29.6 feet
  • Maximum well height – 18 inches to 24 inches
  • Maximum legal width – 8.5 feet
  • Maximum legal freight height – 11.5 feet to 12 feet
  • Maximum legal overall load height – 14 feet
lowbed trailer

A typical dual-axle lowbed trailer has a maximum capacity of 40,000 pounds, but this can be increased to 80,000 pounds by increasing the number of axles. It can also be judged by its weight: a 25-ton lowbed trailer can transport more than 50,000 pounds of cargo, and a 35-ton trailer can transport more than 70,000 pounds of cargo.

In order to be able to transport more cargo, today’s drivers usually choose to buy a three-axle lowboy trailer. If you want to buy a lowbed trailer, you can contact us, we will provide you with advice according to your needs, so that you can buy the most suitable lowbed trailer for you.

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