What are the Pros/Cons of Using a Car Dolly VS a Car Trailer?

If you need to transport a car from one place to another, then you need to choose between a car dolly or a car trailer as a transportation method.

car dolly
car trailer

Car dolly

When using a car dolly, the front wheels of your vehicle are on the dolly and the rear wheels are on the ground. This is ideal for most front wheel drive cars and allows for easy loading and unloading.

  • Renting or buying a car dolly is usually cheaper than a car trailer.
  • It is much lighter and takes up less space than a car trailer. A car dolly can be moved manually, but a car trailer cannot.
  • It can’t tow all-wheel drive vehicles because towing the rear wheels with the front wheels are locked can damage the vehicles.
  • Its size needs to be accurately chosen according to your car’s weight (and front and rear distribution) and dimensions (eg length, width, ground clearance), otherwise it may make your car vulnerable to damage.
  • Car dolly can’t carry as much weight as car trailer. So pay attention to how much your vehicle weighs and how much your tow. If you want to use a tow dolly, you’ll need to tow lighter, more compact cars.

Car trailer

When using a car trailer for towing, the entire car is loaded onto the bed of the trailer. Since all four wheels are off the ground, it’s a safer way to transport your car. Car trailers can easily transport smaller cars such as sedans and coupes, as well as larger or heavier vehicles, like SUVs.

  • Car trailers are equipped with easy-access loading ramps, safety chains and ratchet-operated tire straps to transport your car easily and safely.
  • Car trailers can be used for a variety of usages. For example, they can be used to transport trash to tips, firewood, garden supplies, and other items such as furniture.
  • For long trips, they are relatively convenient and inexpensive.
  • Much more expensive than a car dolly.
  • Tractors need to have more towing capacity.

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