Versatile Applications of Flatbed Trailers

The flatbed trailer is a type of open deck equipment with no sides and no roof, providing quick and easy loading and unloading. The flatbed trailer is very versatile, making them a common asset for carriers.

Carrying Containers

Flatbed trailers are a common trailer for transporting containers, whether in ports or on the road. From 20ft to 45ft containers, flatbed trailers can transport them quickly.


Carrying Heavy Duty Machinery

In many cases, mechanical equipment used in construction sites and road works, such as skid steers, bulldozers and excavators, are difficult to drive on normal roads. For this reason, mechanical equipment needs to be transported from one work site to another using a trailer.

During equipment hauling, they are driven or lifted onto a flatbed trailer and then secured to the trailer by special ratchets and belts. Whether it is one piece or multiple pieces of large equipment, the flatbed trailer can transport quickly and safely, which not only improves the transport efficiency, but also improves the construction speed.

Carrying Construction Material

For large building and construction projects, it is often necessary to transport bulky materials to the job site. Flatbed trailers can transport the following construction materials:

Pipes, steel bars, lumbar spines, large concrete blocks, prefabricated buildings, steel frames, scaffolding, fence posts. etc.

Carrying Agricultural Freight

Farmers and ranchers alike choose flatbed trailers to transport their freight. Towing hay bales to barns, or moving bulky field equipment from one field to another, flatbed trailers are important to the daily operations of most agricultural businesses.

Not only are flatbed trailers easy to haul just about anything needed for everyday farming work, but they are also available in a variety of sizes, allowing farmers and ranchers to choose the trailers that work perfectly with their existing trucks.


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