Utility Trailer or Car Hauler? What Are the Differences?

Utility trailers and car hauler trailers are very common. These massive metal contraptions can easily help us transport equipment of various weights and sizes. And during transportation, there is no need to ruin anything. Their uses are very similar, so what is the difference between them? And can they be used interchangeably?

Car hauler trailer
Car hauler trailer
Utility trailer
Utility trailer

The difference between them

1. Side Railings

From the picture above, we can clearly see that the car hauler trailer does not have side rails. Because it is mainly used to transport cars, if there are side rails, the transported car will not be able to open the door, which is very inconvenient.

Utility trailer is mainly used to transport large items. In order to prevent the falling of transported items, or to provide support for large items, side rails are necessary. Even in some multi-purpose trailers, the side rails can be tilted to increase transportation space.

side railings

2. Rails

For car hauler trailers, trailers equipped with rails can load vehicles more stably.

Although the utility trailer can load lighter vehicles such as ATVs, in most utility trailers, the ramp is a kind of rack, and the main purpose is as a back door for carrying items.

Rails for car trailer

3. Dimensions

Whether it is a car hauler trailer or a utility trailer, they have different sizes. The length is usually between 16 feet and 20 feet, and the width is usually within 83 inches.

Some customized cars can reach 40 feet in length and 90 feet in width. If you want to custom a car hauler trailer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Car hauler trailer

4. coupler tongue

Generally speaking, the coupler tongue of the utility trailer has various designs, and the tongue does not extend past the cross member.

But there is only one kind of car hauler trailer: a uniform full wrap A-frame tongue, which can ensure that they will not shake when accommodating high-weight cars. At the same time, tongue rails will also extend to the front of the axle to provide adequate support for heavier weight.

coupler tongue for car hauler trailer
coupler tongue for car hauler trailer

Can they be used interchangeably?


After installing the side guardrail, the car hauler trailer can be used to carry luggage or other heavy items. And because of its stronger bearing capacity, it can transport more luggage each time, thereby reducing the number of round trips and saving fuel.

Utility trailers can be used to transport lighter vehicles and compromise the accessibility due to the side railings.

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  1. My brother wants to buy hauling equipment to help him transport farming supplies next week, so he’s looking for buying tips. I liked what you mentioned about utility trailers and car haulers and their size difference, so I’ll make sure my brother knows about this before he makes a purchase. I appreciate your insight on the main differences between utility trailers and car haulers.

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