Types of Pallets for Freight Shipping

Most companies use pallets to transport goods at some point. This is especially true when transporting with dry cargo trailers. If you have a pallet jack or forklift, you can easily load and unload pallet loads. Pallets are more accessible to the lone star than cargo, adding to the convenience of the truck driver.

Types of Pallets

Wood Pallets

This is the most common type of pallet used to transport goods by far. They are relatively inexpensive, usually ranging from $10 to $30. If handled properly, they can be used for a long time. Therefore, wood pallets are favored by most companies.

Wood pallets are available in different materials, the common ones are pallets made of softwoods such as pine and spruce, which are also cheaper. There are also hardwood pallets made of oak, walnut, or maple. These pallets are more expensive but more durable. They don’t get damaged by excessive weight, or by moisture.

Wood pallets are used by shippers in industries ranging from food, beverage, and retail to manufacturing and construction because of their lightweight and low price.

Metal Pallet

Metal pallets are not as widely used as wood pallets. They are usually made of steel or aluminum and are suitable for niche markets.

Metal pallets are tougher and less susceptible to problems such as mold and insect damage. Therefore, they can be used for a longer period of time. This also results in metal pallets being more expensive, usually between $50-$130.

It is often used by companies with specific applications for their pallets.

  • Transportation of chemicals
  • Sterilization is often required
  • Always with heavy weights
  • Air transport

Plastic Pallet

This is the least common type of pallet. Plastic pallets are usually made of high-density polyethylene or polyurethane and are even more expensive than metal pallets. When brand new, it can cost up to $200. Plastic pallets are lightweight and quite durable. In addition, it is flaming retardant, corrosion-resistant, and odor resistant.

Plastic pallets are easy to clean and sterilize, so they are often used to transport food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. However, it can break under heavy products, so plastic pallets are not welcome in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and data centers.

Plastic Pallet

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