Truck Security: 5 Symptoms of Bad Tires

Bad tires have various symptoms. It is always crucial to identify them in order to avoid potential accidents. The average lifespan of a tire is usually 6 years, but this depends entirely on the brand. As long as you use them properly and follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations, the life of your tires can always be guaranteed.

Here are 5 common symptoms of bad tires that you must be aware of before you start driving.

1. Tire Bulges and Cracks

Tire bulges, also known as bubbles, are a common sign of tire damage. Usually, these bulges appear as a result of severe impact on the road.

When a tire is old and rotten, many air bubbles will start to appear due to the weak surface and the air pressure makes the outer rubber blister. It would be dangerous if you travel with the bulges as they can pop out while driving on the highway. A flat tire can put your life in danger.

Cracks are another symptom, usually because some object has punctured the tire and air begins to spill out of it. Always check air pressure and valve stems.

truck trailer tire

2. Uncontrolled Vibrations that Make Your Vehicle Shake.

Another serious symptom is vibrations in your vehicle as you drive. When driving a heavy truck, semi-truck or trailer, you can feel vibrations in the steering wheel or seat. One of the most common causes of this vibration is slippage of the metal belts inside the tires. In other cases, the tires are out of alignment or there is a suspension problem.

Driving in these conditions can be dangerous, especially on long drives. Please note that some highways are in poor condition and driving with these tires is very likely to cause an accident. If you are already aware of this problem, it is important to contact a professional mechanic.

3. Tread Wear

The main causes of tire wear include improper inflation or incorrect alignment.

This symptom usually occurs when the driver does not use the vehicle properly. For example, the life of a tire is greatly reduced when the driver applies too much force to the tire at a speed and under braking that exceeds the vehicle’s regulations.

You can test the wear and tear on your tires with a penny. Place a penny with the Lincoln head down in the middle of the tread. If you can see the entire Lincoln head, the tread is not deep enough, and this is the time to replace the tire as soon as possible for your safety.

4. Tire Pressure Light Flashes

When the tire pressure starts flashing, it’s time to check the tires.

If a tire is leaking air it will not grip the ground properly and an accident may occur. In the case of over-inflation, a blowout may occur.

5. Noises When Driving

This is one of the most common symptoms of tire damage. This noise is a sign that certain wheel components have failed. The ever-changing humming and knocking sound tends to vary with speed.

Do not confuse the sound with the sound of the engine. If you’re not sure if it’s an engine or tire problem, contact a professional to help you fix the problem as soon as possible, and you’ll be able to drive your truck with confidence.

Now that you know the common symptoms of bad tires, remember to check them before you start your daily drive!

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