Trailer Maintenance Tips

Trailers also require routine maintenance to ensure they perform well. There are usually two types of trailers: open and enclosed. Open trailers are easier to maintain on a daily basis. Enclosed trailers require more maintenance due to the presence of the trailer walls.

Here are a few ways to help you maintain your trailer

  1. Keep it clean. This simple tip is suitable for all types of trailers and materials. As you drive, your trailer may get dirty from the dirt on the road. This will damage the trailer’s paint or metal finish. As will your car. If bird droppings are not cleaned, the common dirt will damage the paintwork of your car.

clean the trailer

  1. Waxing. This is also an easy way to do it. Once or twice a year, adding a protective coat of wax to the trailer will protect the finish. In addition to waxing, a rust inhibitor or coating can also be used. This also helps to clean and protect the exterior from corrosion.
  2. Keep moving parts lubricated. Such as the hinges, couplers, etc. Lubricating these frequently moving parts will prevent them from rusting or wearing out. This will help keep the trailer in top condition.
  3. Dry, shady environment. When not using your trailer for an extended period of time, try to park it in a dry and shady environment. A dry environment helps preserve the wooden floor of the trailer, which is essential for open trailers. The main reason for locating in the shade is to protect the paintwork.
  4. Check trailer components. Check brakes, bearings, axles, etc. regularly for proper operation and replace them when wear is found. Tires also need to be checked regularly to ensure they have proper inflation and tread.
trailer brakes
  1. Load distribution. When a trailer is transported with a load, it is necessary to ensure that the weight of the cargo is evenly distributed on the trailer. Avoid having all the cargo concentrated in the front or the rear.

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1 thought on “Trailer Maintenance Tips”

  1. Thank you for the advice to lubricate hinges and couplers, as doing so will help keep them from rusting or wearing down. Because my brother hasn’t used his trailer in a while and has been having issues with it, I’ll make sure to pass the information along to him, it seems like a good idea to try this out before visiting a trailer service. To make sure that everything is suitable for usage and that there are no damages that need to be repaired.

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