Top 9 Semi-Trailer Manufacturers

Buying a semi-trailer is not a small investment, so it is a very wise choice to know the brand of a semi-trailer before making up your mind to buy one. A good brand means higher quality, better service, and better value for money.

Great Dane

It is one of the most recognizable names in the trailer industry. To date, Great Dane has been in business for 120 years and has been providing high-quality, innovative products to teams. Now, Great Dane has six separate product lines, each with a different model.

Key information about Great Dane:

  • Main business: refrigerated trailer, dry van trailer, and flatbed trailer.
  • There is a huge network of after-sales service centers in North America
  • The refrigerated trailer line is a leading food service innovator
MAC Trailer

Its headquarter is located in Ohio, USA. The company has a history of 22 years and also has a complete after-sales service network locally. In addition to selling brand new semi-trailers, MAC Trailer also offers used and rental services. At the same time, if the parts are damaged, they can also be purchased directly.

Key information about MAC Trailer:

  • Main business: aluminum dump trailer, transfer trailer, flatbed trailer, drop deck trailer, pneumatic tanker
  • Triple ISO certification
Three Horses Trailer

It is headquartered in China, and although it has only been established for 10 years, the annual production of semi-trailers can reach 50,000. Three Horses Trailer mainly produces steel semi-trailers and is a new steel grade developed by the manufacturer itself: SH800. Compared to ordinary steel, it is lighter and can withstand stronger impacts.

Key information about the Three Horses Trailer:

  • Main business: flatbed semi-trailer, skeleton semi-trailer, lowbed trailer, dump semi-trailer, car carrier trailer, stake trailer, van trailer, etc.
  • Self-developed new steel, lighter and harder than ordinary steel
  • Annual output of 50,000 trailers
Stoughton trailer

This is a family-owned business with a range of specialty and traditional trailers and parts.

Key information about the Stoughton Trailer:

  • Main business: grain trailers, refrigerated trailers, livestock trailers
  • Annual output of about 10,000 units

The company makes a variety of trailers but is most famous for its stainless-steel trailers. For nearly a century, it has been loved by teams all over the world. Because it can safely transport sensitive materials such as petroleum, crude oil, cryogenic materials, etc.

Key information about Heil Trailer:

  • Main business: petroleum, dry bulk, stainless, crude, asphalt trailer
  • Founded in 1901
  • The weight of a petroleum trailer is one of the lightest in the world
Reitnouer trailer

It changed trailer manufacturing. In 1982, Reitnouer Trailers built the first fully bolted aluminum flatbed semi-trailer.

Key information about Reitnouer Trailers:

  • Main business: aluminum flatbed semi-trailer
  • DOT certified and built to that standard over time
  • All flatbeds come standard with the slip-resistant Safety-Tread Deck

The company mainly deals in dry vans, refrigerated trailers, and more and has been around for over a century. Over the years, it has pioneered many different trailer technologies, including industry-standard foam-in-place insulation.

Key information about the Utility Trailer:

  • Main business: refrigerated trailers, dry van trailers, flatbed trailers, etc.
  • Accumulated the largest service and dealer network
  • Every trailer comes with a 5-year warranty policy
East Manufacturing

The company is committed to providing fleets with sturdy flat, floor-to-ceiling decks. East Manufacturing’s semi-trailers are specially designed to maximize payload. Their purpose is to build the lightest, ultra-durable trailer possible.

Key information about East Manufacturing:

  • Provide second-hand aluminum trailer sales service
  • There are more than 75 dealer outlets

It was established in 1985, and its long-term development has diversified its portfolio. Wabash National is a leading manufacturer of dry van trailers, refrigerated trailers.

Key information about Wabash National:

  • One of the largest publicly traded companies serving the transportation industry today
  • Focus on designing rich and aerodynamic trailers

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