Things About Flatbed Semi Trailer

Using a semi-trailer to transport items to towns and even across the country has become commonplace. Large companies usually use flatbed semi trailers as the first choice for transporting goods. If you want to be a flatbed truck driver, here are some things you need to know:

When to use?

Flatbed semi trailers have more flexibility than other semi-trailers. Because it has fewer borders, it allows free combination of gods or transport of oddly shaped items. We can see some semi-trailers on the road that transport goods that exceed the standard width or height, all of them are flatbed semi-trailers.

Flatbed Trailer oversize load

Types of flatbed semi-trailers

Choosing the right flatbed semi-trailer to transport cargo is crucial. Some odd-shaped loads, such as excavators, require specific flatbed semi-trailers to transport, which can save a lot of trouble in the transportation process.

Standard Flatbed Semi Trailer

Flatbed trailers have no top or sides and have a completely open load space. Usually used to transport steel or pipes. It can also be used to transport the following smaller machinery.

flatbed trailer with scaffolding
Standard Flatbed Semi Trailer

Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer

It is usually used to transport large loads. Because the deck is lower than a standard flatbed semi-trailer, it can transport taller items.

flatbed trailer with pipes
Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer

Lowbed semi trailer

Its model is similar to a gooseneck flatbed semi-trailer, but it has a low-center that drops on each end. It has a well in the center for easy loading of taller items. While shortening the usable length of the trailer itself, it increases the height ceiling for the transported load, allowing taller loads to be transported. Usually, lowbed semi-trailers are used to transport large items that require a mobile crane.

low bed trailer weight capacity
Lowbed Semi Trailer​

Strap the goods

The driver of the flatbed semi-trailer should be in good physical condition, because they need to have enough strength to ensure that the large load can be strapped properly. An inexperienced driver could overturn the truck with a loose load, which is very dangerous on the road.

For how to bundle goods, you can read this article:

Strap Flatbed Properly

In addition to the need to properly bundle the goods, the driver must always pay attention to the condition of the goods during transportation to ensure that no goods are dropped or damaged due to bumps. If the cargo is damaged, the driver must file an accident report at the end and may even be required to pay compensation.

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