Strap Flatbed Properly

There are many traffic accidents every year, and the cause of the accident is the improperly fixed load falling from the flatbed trailer. Therefore, the proper flatbed strapping is particularly important.

Best Practices for Securing Loads on Flatbed Trailers

1. Consider the characteristics of the load

The number of straps that need to be used varies depending on the goods being transported. The weight, shape, wind resistance, and other factors of the item will also affect the possibility of it moving during transportation. Before placing the cargo, you need to take a few minutes to consider the physical principles of acceleration, stopping, and turning on the flatbed.

2. Evenly distribute the load

Distribute the cargo as evenly as possible on the trailer bed, and place the heavier cargo on the bottom and the lighter cargo on the top.

3. Straps

In some countries and regions, there are clear regulations: the total rating of all belts or straps must be at least equal to half of the total weight of the load. For example, with a load of 40,000 pounds, then all the straps together must equal at least 20,000 pounds. There are also requirements for the number of straps. If the flatbed trailer does not have a header board, you need to place two straps in the first 10 feet of the cargo and one strap every 10 feet thereafter.

4. Cushioning

During transportation, the goods are likely to move, causing mutual damage. Therefore, if appropriate, placing cushions between the goods will be a good choice.

5. Cover the load

The load you carry may be damaged by the wind when driving along the highway, especially when you are transporting lighter cargo. In this case, you’d better put a tarp or other covering on the load to protect the cargo.

6. Regular inspections while driving

If you are going to travel a long distance, then every time you stop for gas, eat, or take a break, walk around the trailer to see if there are any signs that the cargo is moving, or to see if the straps are secure. In addition, you also need to bring some extra straps as spares, which can be used to replace or strengthen the straps you have already used.

Proper Flatbed Strapping

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