Standard Flatbed Trailer Width

When the goods need to be side-loaded or loaded with a crane, the flatbed trailer is an ideal choice. It has a wide range of uses and can be used to load various materials and equipment. Generally speaking, the length of the flatbed truck is 48 feet, and there are also 53-foot flatbed semi-trailers, but this is not common. So, what is the flatbed trailer standard width? How to transport if it exceeds the standard width?

Standard width of flatbed trailer

Although the lengths of flatbed trailers are not the same, they have a uniform legal width: 8 feet 6 inches. The width of the trailer is restricted for safety reasons. If this limit is exceeded, additional procedures will be required to drive on the road.

When the width of the shipments is over 12 feet, it will be required travel escorts (or ” pilot vehicles”). This is also a considerable expense. Because you need to pay not only the per-mile rate but also the hotel and other incidental charges as part of the total shipping fee.

The role of the travel escort is to warn the flatbed driver in advance under special circumstances. For example, informing the driver of possible driving hazards such as accidents, construction areas, bridges, and traffic jams. In addition, their existence is also to remind the public of the existence of oversized vehicles.

In addition, the law also imposes a travel time limit on ultra-wide vehicles. On weekends or holidays, such vehicles are prohibited from appearing on the road. Drivers can only drive the trailer from Monday to Friday, 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

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Types of flatbed trailer:

The width of the flatbed trailer is difficult to change, but the height can be changed easily. When the cargo exceeds the height limit, other types of flatbed trailers can be used for transportation.

Step deck trailer

stepdeck Trailer

This trailer can also be called a single drop or drop deck trailer. Its purpose is the same as flatbed trailers, the difference is that step deck can transport higher cargo without purchase a license.

The length of this type of trailer is usually 48 feet. Its upper deck is usually around 11 feet in length, and the lower deck is usually 37 feet in length. The upper deck is not allowed to store cargo.

Lowboy trailer

lowboy trailer

This kind of trailer is usually used to transport excavators and other equipment and has a stronger load-bearing capacity. But it also has disadvantages: loading is more difficult. It is the same as the step deck, the upper deck is usually not able to load cargo, only the middle part can be loaded.

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RGN trailer

RGN trailer

It is almost the same as the lowboy trailer, the difference is that the RGN trailer is removable and can transport certain types of equipment more conveniently.

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  1. Hmm.. you know what? I absolutely appreciate your detailed explanation about RGN trailers and how detachable they are. My sister-in-law has been asked by her employer to find a vehicle that can transport some of the heavy equipment to their workplace. I’ll forward this article to her so she can get the job done quickly.

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