Semi-Trailer in Logistics Industry

The semi-trailer exists to solve various transportation problems. However, there are so many different trailers on the road today, and it may be difficult to distinguish the type of cargo that each semi-trailer is suitable for transportation.

The Decisive Factors For Choosing A Semi-Trailer:

The most popular in Logistics are models:

1. Dry van trailer

Transport goods:

  • Daily necessities
  • Clothing
  • Non-perishable food
  • Drinks
  • Electronic product

Dry van trailers are the most common type of semi-trailer on the road today. Its standard length is 53 feet and is often used with pallets. Therefore, when a dry van trailer comes to transporting some well-shaped items that can be packed in pallets or boxes, dry van trailers are the first choice.

Both the van shape and the ability to load and unload directly, make dry van trailers be an ideal semi-trailer type for shippers or consignees.

2. Refrigerated trailer

Transport goods:

  • Drug
  • Chemicals
  • Fruit and vegetable

The refrigerated trailer can keep the internal temperature of the trailer at -20°C to +25°C. Regardless of the external weather, the interior of the semi-trailer is the constant temperature. For some foods or medicines that need to be refrigerated or frozen, this can maximize their freshness.

For fresh supermarkets or pharmaceutical manufacturers, refrigerated trailers are undoubtedly their rational type of trailers. If the target business group of your logistics company is these people, then preparing a few refrigerated trailers is the best choice.

3. Flatbed trailer

Transport goods:

  • Container
  • Irregular items

In the logistics industry, flatbed trailers are not uncommon. Its most common use is to transport containers. It has the same effect as the skeleton semi-trailer. The difference between them is that skeleton trailers can only be used to transport containers, but flatbed trailers can also transport other items, which can save costs for logistics companies.

Using flatbed trailers to transport containers to the terminal and then ship the containers to the destination by sea is the most commonly used method.

In addition, flatbed trailers can also be used to transport irregular oversized cargo. Although the flatbed trailer cannot protect the cargo from the weather like a dry van trailer, it can also reduce the impact of the weather to a certain extent after covering it with a tarp.

If your logistics company only needs to transport cargo to and from the terminal, a skeleton trailer is a better choice. But if your company has the business of transporting other items, flatbed trailers are more suitable.

4. Lowboy trailer

Transport goods:

  • Excavator
  • Bulldozer
  • Heavy machinery

The function of the lowboy trailer is to transport very heavy cargo. It is most commonly used in the construction industry, but when transporting large equipment in the construction industry, it is a common practice to find a professional logistics company to help them transport machines. If your logistics company cooperates with a construction company, preparing a lowboy trailer is a good choice.

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