Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy Trailers

Three Horses Trailer’s lowboy trailers, the beam is made of SH800 steel, which is resistant to impact and tearing. It is suitable for carrying large equipment such as steel coils and heavy tractors.

Product Details

lowboy trailers

Chassis parameters

Body parameters


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Hydraulic steering system

A low-bed trailer with a hydraulic steering system can load and unload large equipment more efficiently and safely. This integration of advanced functions enables maximum mobility even under the most difficult conditions.

Flashing side marking lights

Flashing side marking lights

When the driver gives a steering instruction, the lowboy trailer will also be displayed simultaneously to inform other drivers and reduce the probability of a car accident.

Longer service life

The Three Horses Trailer is made of SH800 steel, which is corrosion-resistant. And the use of advanced printing technology can better isolate the air and metal, slow down the corrosion of the trailer body, and extend the service life of the lowboy semi-trailer.


Why Choose Three Horses Trailer?

Three Horses Trailer is manufacturers of semi-trailers and we have won many patents and honors. With completed inspection equipment, the high quality of vehicles is always guaranteed. We have 40 welder experts with registered certificates and adopt the world’s top welding machine to make welding stronger. Two-component paint makes the paint adhesion better. At the same time, we also provide you with customized and 24-hour service in order to meet your needs.

Have questions? We are ready to help. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the right car hauler and product for you.

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