Jeep trailer

Jeep Trailer

Are you tired of camping in campsites? Cross rivers and mountains, explore alone in the forest. Then the off-road camper trailer of Three Horses Trailer will be your best choice.

It is suitable for all kinds of terrain. Tents away from the land will also bring you a better camping experience.


  • Weight: 500lb – 600lb
  • Cargo capacity: 1200lb – 1400lb
  • Capacity: 35 cu ft – 40 cu ft
  • Trailer body length: 61in – 72in
  • Trailer body height: 18in – 26in
  • Trailer body width: 42in – 66in
  • Total length: 90in – 103in
  • Total height: 40in – 50in
  • Total width: 56in – 80in
Jeep trailer

Standard Features

  • 48″x96″ bed with foam padding and cargo access panel
  • New & improved Tent
  • All-terrain tires and black steel wheels
  • Rear grab handle
  • Front rack, frame-mounted
  • Roof rack, lid-mounted
  • Round LED taillights
  • Steel rear bumper with 2” receiver
  • Safety cables
  • Rubber cargo mat


  • Spare tire
  • Single battery
  • 1000 watt inverter
  • 100-watt solar panel
  • Additional charging ports
  • Upgraded roof rack
  • Composite kitchen
  • Pole storage tube
  • Hot water heater
  • Drop hitch
  • Max coupler
Jeep trailer
Jeep trailer

Talk with our team about buying the jeep trailer.

All-terrain tires

The jeep trailer can follow your off-road vehicle to any place, whether it is a rugged trail or a flat road.

All-terrain tires
All-terrain tires

Tent away from the ground

Tents far away from the ground are warmer and safer. You can also set up a tent even on the wet and cold ground.

Easy towing

Off road trailer trailers are usually short and can fit in most garages, where you can keep the trailer on charge, packed and ready to go. The lighter weight also determines that the jeep trailer will be more fuel-efficient.

Why Choose Three Horse Trailer?

Three Horses Trailer is manufacturers of semi-trailers and we have won many patents and honors. With completed inspection equipment, the high quality of vehicles is always guaranteed. We have 40 welder experts with registered certificates and adopt the world’s top welding machine to make welding stronger. Two-component paint makes the paint adhesion better. At the same time, we also provide you with customized and 24-hour service in order to meet your needs.

Have questions? We are ready to help. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the right car hauler and product for you.

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