Bike Trailer

Bike trailer

Bike trailer are designed to  enable family adventures without sacrificing safety or durability. Whatever you want to take your children out or enjoy the outdoor scenery with your pets, you can find the bike trailer you need here.

The bike trailer can be easily folded for convenient transportation and storage.


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bike trailer
Tinted Windows

Anti-ultraviolet windows, which can block 98% of ultraviolet rays, protect the eyes of children and pets.

Push Button Wheels

Easy to install and remove.


A clear polyester cover protects kids from adverse conditions.

Flex Connector

Flex Connector allows the bike to lay flat while the trailer remains upright.

Hammock Seat

Make children have a more comfortable experience.


The seat fabric is made of nylon and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting the seat wet.

5-Point Harness

Better safety for children.


There are separate pockets in the children’s seating area and in the rear. Convenient storage of snacks and supplies.

2 in 1 bike trailer

It can be used not only as a bike trailer but also as a child trolley.
It is also equipped with a brake system, which allows you to brake in time when using the trolley, which is safer.

Aluminum frame

Lighter and more durable. You can enjoy a more labor-saving travel. At the same time, the safety is higher, and it is the first choice for child trailers and pet trailers.

Aluminum frame

Ample space

Whether it is a child trailer or a pet trailer, there is enough space.

Low Door

The low door specially designed for pets makes it convenient for sick or elderly dogs to enter the bike trailer. Even pets with limited mobility can climb on the floor of the passenger compartment, just 14 cm from the ground.


Why Choose Three Horses Trailer?

Three Horses Trailer is manufacturers of semi-trailers and we have won many patents and honors. With completed inspection equipment, the high quality of vehicles is always guaranteed. We have 40 welder experts with registered certificates and adopt the world’s top welding machine to make welding stronger. Two-component paint makes the paint adhesion better. At the same time, we also provide you with customized and 24-hour service in order to meet your needs.

Have questions? We are ready to help. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the right car hauler and product for you.

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