• Tie-Down Pockets: These provide a convenient and secure method to fasten vehicles to the trailer, ensuring stability and safety during transportation.
  • Material Options: The trailer comes in both steel and aluminum options, allowing for a choice between durability and lightweight convenience.
  • Customization Support: Tailor your trailer to your specific needs, from the materials and size to the accessories and color. This flexibility ensures that the trailer meets the exact requirements of each customer.
  • Premium Service: Three Horses Trailer is committed to offering high-quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction and a positive experience throughout the purchase and usage of the trailer.
  • Versatile Loading and Unloading: Easy to load and unload heavy items with a tilting deck, ideal for vehicles and machinery.
  • Hydraulic or Manual Tilt Mechanisms: Offers either convenient hydraulic tilting or reliable manual tilting options.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to handle heavy loads, perfect for transporting large equipment or vehicles.
  • Customizable Options: Available in various sizes and configurations to meet specific needs and preferences.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal for hauling garden supplies, building materials, furniture, and other bulky items.
  • Durable Construction: Made from steel or aluminum, designed for durability and to withstand various weather conditions.
  • Easy Loading and Unloading: Their open design and often a rear gate or ramp make loading and unloading straightforward.
  • Customization Options: Available in various sizes and with options like side rails, tie-down hooks, and covers, allowing for size customization and added functionality.
  • The trailer has a design load of 40 tons.
  • It uses Fuwa & BPW axles, and the beam steel is T700L type, which can load high-density bulk cargo such as sand and gravel.
  • What’s more, customized service is available.
  • We use SH800 international high-strength steel.
  • The trailer has lightweight and guarantees its anti-distortion, anti-vibration, and anti-bump ability. It meets different road bearing capacity.
  • They can have axles added for increased weight capacity, and the drop down feature allows for taller equipment to be moved without height permits.
  • Low center of gravity has better stability and safety.
  • It can transport heavy vehicles, agricultural machinery (such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, etc.) and other heavy cargo.
  • Support customization, such as the configurable loading ladder.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • It can transport daily necessities, clothing, paper, etc.
  • The galvanized pipe protects the internal metal and makes it difficult to be oxidized.
  • It mainly carries cars, but can also carry passenger cars such as vans, commercial vehicles, and jeeps.
  • The upper and lower loading platform adopts hydraulic cylinder lifting, wire rope pulley structure, stable lifting and high positioning.
  • Light weight, 30% lighter than similar types.
  • Safe and convenient operation: all loading and unloading platforms have reliable lifting control operations, which can be clearly observed and operated accurately.
  • We have skeleton trailers with straight or gooseneck beams and 45-foot types, which can carry containers of different sizes.
  • The main purpose of a skeleton trailer is to produce the necessary underpinnings for a container.
  • Our skeleton trailers are trusted by many freight transport teams for how well they can handle loads in various sizes.
  • Speedy load and unload: Once the curtains are pulled back, the trailer can be accessed from both sides as well as the rear door by multiple forklifts simultaneously. Drivers are in and out and back on the road quickly.
  • No tarp required: Most loads can be quickly and conveniently secured with straps. Drivers devote time to driving, not struggling with a tarp, and experience a safer work environment as well.
  • The frame of the semi-trailer is a beam-through structure, and the longitudinal beam is a straight or gooseneck type.
  • The suspension system adopts a non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, the structure is reasonable, with strong rigidity and strength, and is used to support the load and reduce the impact.
  • The design process of the car model and the fence structure is combined with the user’s cargo category and rationally designed to fully reduce the weight of the carriage under load. The structure is simple and applicable, and it is convenient to disassemble, reduce investment costs for users and create more profit value.
  • Frame: A space frame structure formed by welding longitudinal beams and integral cross beams. It can balance the strength, rigidity, and toughness of the frame, with strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.
  • We provide customized semi-trailer services. You can customize any available trailer options, from axlestoolboxes, to colors and more options.
  • Location is a big advantage that food trucks have—food truck owners don’t have to limit themselves to one location.
  • Our food trailers, on the other hand, are a moving billboard. Whenever they drive the food truck around town, they’re getting free advertising.
  • We are a reliable manufacturer of semi-trailers, you can tell us your needs.

Have questions? We are ready to help. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the right car hauler and product for you.

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