Power Tilt vs Gravity Tilt Trailer

When you want to load cargo from the ground onto a trailer, there are usually two types of trailers to consider: tilt trailer or car trailer with ramps. They both have a variety of options. Car trailers can choose different ramp lengths. The tilt trailer is divided into power tilt and gravity trailer.

It is easier to choose the ramp length, and even if it is not suitable, the ramp can be replaced at a lower cost. But the type of tilt trailer replacement is not easy. So, you need to think carefully when choosing power tilt or gravity tilt.

How to choose between power tilt and gravity trailer?

The power tilt is completely electrically controlled and requires no effort on your part during the descent, simply by flicking a switch.

The Gravity trailer is more of human control. Before loading the cargo, unlock the latch, then you need to stand at the back of the trailer’s deck.  And it will descend. When you are finished loading the cargo, lock the latch again.

power tilt trailer
power tilt trailer
gravity tilt trailer
gravity tilt trailer

The choice depends on your loads’ number and weight and your budget.

If you only need to transport one cargo, then either a power tilt or a gravity tilt will work.

But if you need to transport multiple cargos, the gravity tilt may not be suitable. Because when one of the cargos is loaded, the tilt may be pressed back into place due to the gravity of the cargo, making it difficult for the second cargo to be loaded. If you load the lighter cargo first, then when you finish loading the heavier cargo, it may be not easy to press the flat back into place by yourself because the cargo is too heavy. This makes it impossible for you to lock the latch. So, if you need to transport multiple loads, the power tilt is the better choice.

Finally, if you have a budget, then the power tilt trailer is a better choice. If your budget is limited, you can choose the gravity tilt trailer. Generally speaking, the price of the power tilt will be about 2,000 dollars higher than the gravity tilt.

If you want to buy a tilt trailer, but are not sure which one is more suitable for you, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with professional service and recommend the most suitable tilt trailer for you, and we also provide custom service, we can customize the most suitable tilt trailer for you according to your needs.

3 thoughts on “Power Tilt vs Gravity Tilt Trailer”

  1. My favorite part of your blog is when you said that when transporting multiple cargos, it is suitable to consider a power tilt. This is something that I will share with my uncle who wanted to purchase an equipment trailer. He mentioned about his need to transport cargo efficiently, so I would ask him to consider your tips.

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