Our Most Hot Sale Trailer-Dry Van Trailer

One of the most popular and most common trailers for freight is a dry van trailer. Dry van trailers are also known as box trailers. A dry van trailer is fully enclosed and they are used for freight that are nonperishable cargo, because they don’t have a way to control the trailer temperature. Since dry vans are the most commonly used trailers, you can look around your office or home and approximately 95% of the items were probably hauled in a dry van trailer.


Advantages of Dry Van trailers

Wide range of Applications

Dry van trailers are used for moving non-perishable food and beverages, household goods, clothing items, plastic, and building products. They are the most frequently used equipment type due to their versatility to hold a variety of different products.

Comprehensive Protection of Goods

Dry van trailers enclose your cargo on all four sides, giving cargo comprehensive protection from bad weather and other possible damage. Dry van trailers are commonly used due to their good safety and ability to lock to prevent cargo theft.

Strong and Sturdy

In order to increase the durability of the trailer, our company uses SH800 steel, (adding molybdenum alloy and vanadium alloy to increase strength and toughness), which greatly increased its service life, you can use it for many years.


Why choose our dry van trailer?

Quality Assurance

More than 60% of the company’s welders are skilled welders with grade certificates. All production links are equipped with quality inspectors to ensure the high quality of trailers at all times.

Rich Cooperation Experience

Many well-known express companies maintain cooperation with us, and many partners have come to our factory to check production standards and processes. We welcome everyone to visit our factory at any time.


Complete After-Sales Service

If you have any problems or special needs before-sales and after-sales, our professional maintenance person and technicians will try their best to help you until you are satisfied.

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