Lessons Learned From the Accident of a Truck Trailer in Mexico Resulting in 54 Deaths

A few days ago, in Mexico, a truck trailer carrying more than 150 people hit a pedestrian bridge due to speeding when it flipped on a sharp bend and caused 54 people to be killed.


On the one hand, in this accident, the driver should bear the main responsibility. He did not drive the truck trailer at the prescribed speed. The probability of an accident on a highway with a truck towing a trailer has always been the highest of all vehicles. Therefore, for companies in the transportation industry, in order to ensure the safety of expensive freight, it is necessary to recruit experienced and professional drivers to transport the freight.

On the other hand, in addition to the driver’s important role in the transportation process, the braking ability of the semi-trailer is another important factor to consider. A high-quality suspension can help the driver brake faster and prevent rollover.

The semi-trailers of Three Horses Company have two types of suspensions for customers to choose from, all of them have very good performance in braking.

Leaf Spring Suspension


  • The way the suspension is constructed is really simple and strong
  • Extra weight and costs are reduced because of the rear axle location
  • The chassis roll can be controlled more efficiently due to the high rear moment centre and wide spring base. If the springs are mounted wider apart, the roll tendencies will be less.


  • The ride comfort isn’t as great because of the inter-leaf friction between each leaf.
  • Over time, the springs tend to lose shape and can sag. When the sag is uneven, it can alter the cross weight of the trailerwhich can affect the handling slightly.

Air Suspension


  • Air suspension compensates for potholes, uneven surfaces, and speed bumps in the road allowing your trailer to glide easily over the road surface.
  • Higher cornering speeds and greater levels of control when turning corners can be achieved with air suspension, as the semi-trailer is better suited to the conditions of the road.
  • The purpose of air suspension is to give consistency across all wheels, and there is a lower risk of body roll when turning corners.
  • As trailers with air suspension can be adjusted to road type, they benefit from better fuel economy.
air suspension


  • One disadvantage of an air spring system is the cost to buy, which is higher than a traditional leaf spring suspension system.
  • Another disadvantage of air suspension is maintenance costs. In the short term, a semi-trailer with air suspension is reliable, but if it requires a longer distance to travel and use time, it may require frequent maintenance and inspections.

If you are interested in our trailer, please feel free to contact us, we can customize durable and suitable semi-trailers according to your needs.

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