Improve Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency in semi-trucks is always an issue that needs attention. Whether you are a trucking company or a truck driver, it is essential to understand fuel efficiency.

Semi-trucks are able to travel an average of 6.5 to 7.5 miles per gallon. While vehicles travel an average of about 25 miles per gallon. The main reason for the large difference between the two is the difference in weight. In addition to this, there are several factors that have an impact on fuel efficiency.

  • Structural design of the semi-truck, such as the availability of advanced technology, aerodynamic design, etc.
  • Type of cargo, fuel efficiency may be lower for less dense cargo
  • The route, flatter roads consume less fuel
trailer fuel efficiency

How to Manage Fuel Efficiency in Semi Trucks

1. Constant driving speed

When driving any vehicle, maintaining a constant speed ensures consistent fuel consumption and avoids increased fuel consumption.

When you drive at a constant speed, you will build up power even when you are not accelerating. This power will help you get through traffic lights.

When approaching a stop or exit, slow down before you reach it, rather than using the brakes. Because braking also wastes power and reduces the fuel economy of your semi-truck.

2. Avoid idling

On hot summer days or cold winter days, truck drivers will let their trucks idle while they run fast errands in order to keep the temperature steady. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should not let a semi-truck idle for more than five minutes. A gallon of gas will run out within an hour of idling.

truck interior

3. Optimized routes

Try to choose the route with the least driving time, which will save semi-truck fuel efficiency. When the driving time is almost the same, try to choose the route with a flat road surface and avoid uphill.

4. Avoid overfilling tank

When a tank is filled too full, it may overflow if it gets too hot. Typically, higher temperatures or prolonged engine use will heat the tank. This becomes both wasteful and dangerous for the driver.

truck fuel tank

5. Invest in a suitable semi-trailer

Weight is a major factor in fuel efficiency. When the load weight is the same, the lighter the semi-trailer, the less fuel it will consume. This is why most semi-trailer businesses emphasize that their trailers are lighter in weight.

Semi-trailers are usually made of two kinds of materials, one is aluminum and the other is steel. Aluminum is lighter but easily deformed. Steel is stronger but heavier. Three Horses Trailer has developed its own SH800 steel, which is lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum.

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