How to Use a Dump Trailer?

The dump trailer is usually used in construction, agriculture, recycling, etc. It is also called tipper trailer in some places. Dump trailer can be divided into two types according to the way of unloading cargo: rear dump trailer and side dump trailer.

Side tipper refers to the unloading of cargo from the side, which is suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo such as coal, ore, building materials, etc. Rear dump trailer refers to the unloading of cargo from the back. When using rear dump trailer, we need to pay attention to whether there are electric wires or high voltage lines above to avoid damage.

dump trailer

How to use dump trailers?

For dump trailers, the most important thing is the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system consists of oil tank, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, control valve, and hydraulic hose. The high-pressure oil will pass through the distribution valve and hydraulic hose and enter the lifting hydraulic cylinder to achieve the effect of tilting the box from the side or front.

The hydraulic system can control the movement of the piston rod so that the box can be stopped at any position. When finishing unloading and wanting to return the tipping box to its original position, it can use its own gravity and hydraulic pressure to return.

If it is a dump semi-trailer, the hydraulic system can be controlled by a button inside the vehicle. In the case of a dump trailer, you can control it by remote control.

dump trailer remote

What to look for when buying a dump trailer

When buying a dump trailer, you need to consider the following factors: size and weight.

If you choose a trailer with a large enough capacity, you can reduce the number of round trips and improve efficiency. However, you also need to consider the towing capacity of the tractor. The total weight of the trailer and the cargo should not exceed this value, otherwise, a car accident may occur.

The weight of a dump trailer is related to the material. Aluminum dump trailers are lighter in weight and steel dump trailers are heavier on their own.

This means that aluminum trailers can carry more cargo. However, aluminum trailers are more expensive and although they are corrosion-resistant, they are softer and more prone to deformation compared to steel. Steel trailers are cheaper, but because of their metallic nature, steel trailers are more prone to rusting and may have a reduced lifespan.

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  1. It’s good that you mentioned that by choosing a dump trailer with a large enough capacity, we can reduce the number of round trips and improve its efficiency. I’m decluttering the house next weekend, so I need a dump trailer for my junk removal needs. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a garbage removal company to hire for help soon.

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