How to Transport Large Equipment Efficiently?

If you’re moving large equipment, a lowboy trailer might be the right answer for you. You’ll find that this kind of trailer is one of the most versatile trailers to transport heavy equipment on the road and can be used for shipping a variety of equipment.

What is a lowboy trailer used for?

A lowboy trailer is a kind of specialized haul equipment. It can be used to transport all kinds of oversize and heavy loads. Most often you’ll find a lowboy trailer being used to haul machinery and equipment. Large construction equipment like bulldozers and excavators are transported to construction places on the lowboy trailer, and cranes, loaders, compactors, large trucks, telehandlers, pile hammers, waste & recycling equipment, generators are also available to be transported by it.

lowboy trailer

What are the benefits of lowboy trailer?

Complying With Height Restrictions

A few nations have laws that confine the height of cargo that can be transported. The deck of lowboy trailer is much closer to the ground than any other truck trailers, so it can load higher equipment without exceeding the height limit.

lowboy trailer


A great reason to opt for lowboy trailer is its versatile application as it can transport extra heavy loads as well as over-width and tall equipment.

lowboy trailer

Stronger Loading Capacity

A two-axle lowboy trailer can load a maximum weight of 20 tons. However, the maximum weight can be increased up to 40 tons by adding additional axles.

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