How to Secure a Load on Flatbed Trailer?

Many traffic accidents occur every year, and a considerable part of them are due to problems with the loading of semitrailers. The consequences of these problems are rollovers and objects falling from heavy equipment trailers, putting the lives of drivers and pedestrians at risk.


When loading, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Load heavier cargo below and lighter cargo on top

  • Lower the center of gravity and enhance stability
  • Ensure that the lighter cargo will not be crushed

2. Understand the tie-down requirements

tie-down requirements

If the flatbed trailer loads a vehicle, you need to use 4 straps to eliminate any undesirable movement.

If you are not sure about the weight of the load, you should increase straps amount to avoid any errors.

How to secure a load?

The two most common types of securement devices are:

Chains with binders

Nylon straps

Learn these simple tips to tie down a load:

1. Determining the weight of your items.
you’ll need to divide the total weight of the cargo by the load capacity of an individual chain or strap. If you are not sure about the weight, please use more straps or chains to avoid potential safety hazards.

2. Inspect the position of the cargo on the trailer.
Each item should line up with at least two winches on the side of the trailer. If you are worried about the goods being worn out, you can put a carpet or corner protector on the items.

3. Secure the straps or chains
Threading the hooked end of each strap down or the chains down through the outer safety rail. They should then be hooked to the underframe. Then throw them up and over the cargo, and throw them up and over the cargo on the other side of trailer. Twist the winches until the slack of the strap is finally secured around the winch.
3. Secure the straps or chains

Please make sure you choose a suitable flatbed semi-trailer to avoid overloading. If you are not sure, you can tell us the weight of your cargo when buying a semi-trailer, and we will help you choose a suitable semi-trailer.

1 thought on “How to Secure a Load on Flatbed Trailer?”

  1. It was quite a useful tip when you told us that we should put a carpet or corner protector on our trailer if we’re hauling equipment to ensure they won’t get worn out during transport. I manage an appliance store, and since we’re offering to do home deliveries now, we need to get a tilt equipment trailer for our business. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a tilt equipment trailer for sale soon.

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