How to Ride a Bike Trailer with a Dog?

Cycling is a very pleasant thing, and it is even better if you can bring your own pet. A bike trailer will solve this dilemma. But there are a few important things to consider before traveling with a pet, giving your dog enough time to trust the trailer for a more comfortable trip.

Choosing a Children's Trailer or a Dog Trailer?

Consider this mainly because many families have dogs, but also children. In order to save costs, some parents will choose to buy only one child trailer. What is the difference between a children’s trailer and a pet trailer?

  1. Height: Pet trailers tend to have a lower chassis, as this makes it easier for pets to get in and out
  2. Seat: There is usually a seat in a child trailer, so that the child can sit on it to rest and fasten the seat belt in the passing car. But pet trailers usually don’t contain seats, the interior is a flat space, allowing pets to have more space.
  3. Floor: The floor of the child trailer is usually integrated with the bicycle trailer. Pet trailers usually have a layer of mat on the floor, this is for easy cleaning. Because pets are more likely to soil the interior of the trailer.
bike trailer
Children Bike Trailer
dog trailer
Pet Bike Trailer

To save money, you can just buy a kid’s trailer, but you may need to do some cleanup after the trip.

Safety tips for riding with dogs:

1. Relax and stay calm

Dogs are very sensitive to our emotional states, especially stress and depression. When you’re nervous, they’re even more nervous. So don’t get impatient during the trip, even if your dog takes a long time to get used to.

2. Close the door

When riding, please don’t forget to close the door, this is to prevent the dog from jumping out.

3. Wear a seat belt

Wearing a seat belt is a safety measure if your pet can jump off the trailer. Although most dog trailers have doors that prevent dogs from leaving. In addition, seat belts can also make pets safer, so that pets will not hit the trailer directly when braking hard.

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