How To Prevent Semi-Trailer Tire Blowouts?

Semi-trailer tire maintenance is undoubtedly one of the most critical safety components in trailer maintenance. According to data from the Federal Automobile Data Transportation Security Administration, truck accidents caused by tire problems account for 6% of all.

Among these tire problems, the most common tire problem faced by truck drivers is truck tire blowouts. A semi tire blowout will cause the driver to lose control of the trailer or even rollover. If the tire debris is accidentally expelled, it will cause danger to other vehicles on the road. In the event of an 18-wheeler tire blowout, the truck may jackknife or become unmanageable.

semi trailer tire blowout

What factors can cause blowouts?

There are usually two reasons for blowouts: do not inspect the tire regularly, and do not maintenance and replacement tires when necessary. If the driver or company does not find worn or defective tires, these tires will explode or quickly lose air pressure due to sudden pressure.

The causes of tire wear usually include:

  • Under-inflated tires: Over time, tires may lose air naturally, so tire pressure should be inspected regularly. When you drive past potholes or sharp objects, the tires may suddenly leak.
  • Tire over-inflation: From mid-May to early October, it will be the tire blowout season. Because the outdoor temperature is the hottest at this time, the driver drives a heavier trailer farther and faster. So, in this season, both the driver and the transportation company should strengthen the inspection of tires.
  • Cargo overload: If the tires are already under extreme pressure, adding extra weight that exceeds the capacity will cause any tires to blowout.
  • Wear and tear of the tire: The semi-trailer tires need to bear a lot of weight even when it is not in use. Therefore, wear is inevitable.
  • Tire mismatch: When the size of the tire is not suitable for the semi-trailer, there is also the risk of a tire blowout. Therefore, when replacing tires, you should be replaced according to the factory size.

Tire Load Range
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How to avoid a puncture in a semi-trailer?

  1. Frequently inspect the tire pressure of the semi-trailer: Whether the tire is under-inflated or over-inflated, you can inspect the tire pressure of the semi-trailer to understand the situation and take correct precautions.
  2. Avoid overloading: Observing the weight limit of the semi-trailer is an effective means to prevent semi-trailer tire blowouts. This will maintain the safety of drivers and trucks, as well as the safety of other drivers.
  3. Regularly evaluate wear and tear: For tires, which operate under extreme pressure every day, visual tire inspection can help identify potential problems. About the tire wear chart, please click the picture on the right to enlarge it.
  4. Replace tires of suitable size: Replacing tires when necessary is an effective way to prevent tire blowouts of semi-trailers. We all like to drive tires to the maximum mileage or service life, but if they exceed the expected service life of the tires, road safety will be endangered.
  5. Drive carefully: Drive carefully to avoid the dangerous situation of punctured tires, which can effectively prevent semi-trailer tires from puncturing. Conditions that cause tire blowouts may include rough roads, animals, gravel, debris, ice, uneven or bumpy edges, and falling objects.

The wear chart
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