How to Open or Close Curtain Trailer?

In Europe, curtain trailers are a very popular model, which is widely used in the road transportation industry. But there are always drivers or operators who ignore the dangers in opening or closing curtains.

curtain trailer

Security issues

  1. Head injury

    Under strong wind conditions, the buckle or curtain will be affected by the wind and flailing. If a person stands next to the buckle or curtain, it is easy to cause injuries to the head.

  1. Hand injury

    If the pole cannot be secured by a good mechanism, or the driver does not secure and release the buckle, it will cause finger or hand injuries. In the process of pulling the curtains, the operator may also scratch fingers, and in severe cases may even lead to amputation of the little fingertips.

  1. Back or shoulder injury

    When pulling the curtains, improper operation may cause back or shoulder injuries.

  1. Smash

    In the process of opening the curtains, the load may fall, which may damage any part of the operator: head, shoulders, back. Fortunately, these loads are usually lighter and do not cause much damage. But it is better to avoid smashing.

The direct consequence of the injury is the loss of money, not only the loss of wages, but also the loss of medical expenses. But the damage caused by injury is more than that. Pain will affect the work efficiency and may even lead to loss of contract. Therefore, it is important to learn the method to open and close the curtains correctly.

Correct procedure

Open the curtains:

  1. Always wear safety gloves (the best way to prevent hand injuries).
  2. Release tensioner at one end. Undo buckle nearest end pole, then release and remove end pole.
  3. Remove the rest buckles in order. During this process, you need to keep your body completely behind the fastened buckle to prevent being injured by the falling load.
  4. Using two hands, release the foot of the free pole.
  5. Go to the end, grab the two curtain buckles and pull back. Don’t try to slide the entire curtain at once, do it in sections.


  • The support poles are under a lot of tension. When releasing the pole, do not stand in front of it, but stand beside it, so that you can stay away from the hinge swing area and avoid yourself being injured.
  • When pulling the curtains, you need to rely on your own weight to complete, rather than relying on twisting your body. Because twisting the body may cause injury.
Remove the buckles
Remove the buckles
pull back the curtain
pull back the curtain

Securing the curtain:

  1. Always wear safety gloves
  2. Fix one end of the curtain, and then close the pole to the other end.
  3. Fix the free rod to the tensioner.
  4. Wrap the tensioner upwards until it is tight between the curtain and the end rod.
  5. Fasten all buckles.

This is the correct procedure to demonstrate the opening and closing of the curtain side trailer:

Under wind conditions:

  • When there is wind, keep buckles fastened when the curtain is open, to stop the curtain from blowing in wind.
  • When the wind is strong, make sure to open only one side each time. If possible, open one side twice and open only half each time.
curtain trailer under wind conditions

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